Aura Crystals


Aura Crystal: 

Aura Crystal is a beautiful rainbow-colored crystal that has very positive & powerful Metaphysical Properties. If you are looking to manifest greater joy, stronger connections with others, and a greater spiritual sense, Aura Quartz is your friend. 

 The History of  Aura Crystal

For hundreds of years there have been people trying to create gold and other magical elements. Recently scientists from the aerospace industry created a process that binds crystals and precious metals together. This process is called Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). CVD fuses the powerful beauty and metaphysical qualities of Quartz Crystal with high vibrational Platinum and Silver to create a truly majestic crystal. This is how Angel Aura Quartz is created.

 Like a rainbow, Aura Crystals signifies hope, optimism, purifying and balancing all the chakras. It strengthen romantic relationships and friendships. Simply keep one with you.

Note: All information is for information purposes regarding the various crystal products that are a holistic method of energy and should not be considered a substitute to medicine or medical advice. If there is any health concern, please get advice from your medical practitioner.